8 June 2011

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Wooden flooring is an increasingly popular choice with those looking to replace their carpets, and the fact that there are numerous different types of wooden flooring to choose from gives homeowners just as much freedom when it comes to style as they would have with carpets.

When they’re considering investing in wooden flooring for the first time, the first type of flooring which pops into the minds of many homeowners is oak flooring.

Oak flooring is one of the most popular types of wooden flooring out there, as it not only looks amazing, but it’s also a really hard wearing choice too.

However, in the homes of those subject to incredibly heavy foot traffic, something even more hard-wearing such as jarrah or jatoba could be more suitable. Jatoba flooring is around 50% harder than oak, and even though it’s a really durable choice, it’s still a very attractive one.

Cherry, maple and walnut are also very popular with the modern homeowner. In order to choose the best type of wood for your individual circumstances, why not seek a helping hand from a professional? A professional will assess your individual situation and then present you with all of your options.