4 November 2014

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Real hardwood floors can not only make your home look beautiful but also increase the value of it and help it sell better. But it’s important to keep wooden floors in good condition so they don’t look worn and tired. But don’t worry; this is not difficult to do. Here at Just Wood we offer a few suggestions that, if you undertake them, will keep your wood floors in excellent condition.

Avoid Water on Wood Floors
Water can be very damaging to hardwood floors; it can not only mark them but cause them to swell and cup. To avoid this make sure you keep contact with water to a minimum. When mopping wooden floors make sure that you ring out the mop as much as possible, this will ensure that the mop is only damp and won’t drop excessive water on the wood. Similarly, if there are any liquid spills on the floor make sure you clean them up immediately so they won’t damage the wood or stain it.

Clean Wood Floors Regularly
It’s important to clean wood floors often but it’s more important to clean them the right way. Don’t use any polishes or steamers as they can damage the wood, only use products that are specifically designed for wooden floors. From day to day you won’t need to use these anyway. Wooden floors are easy to clean and only need a going over with a broom or a vacuum cleaner with a hard floor cleaning option. This will clear the floor of dust and hair and the occasional wash with a damp mop should take away any stains, keeping your wooden floors in excellent condition.

Avoid Scratches and Marks
Perhaps the most important way to protect floors is to try and avoid marking or scratching the wood. Some simple preventative steps can help; try the following to avoid damaging your wooden floors:

  • If you have dogs or cats then make sure their claws are trimmed regularly so that they don’t scratch the surface of the wood.
  • Invest in some felt protective pads to put under the legs of your furniture, they will protect the floor and stop the furniture from marking it. We sell felt protective pads at very competitive prices.
  • When cleaning the floor make sure you use a soft bristled broom as ones with hard bristles may damage it.
  • Similarly, if you vacuum your hardwood floors make sure you use a vacuum cleaner that has a hard floor setting as otherwise it can damage the floor.
  • Avoid wearing stiletto heels on wooden floors as they can mark it. If you have to walk on wood floors in high heels then make sure they are in good repair and have the protective layer on the bottom.