19 November 2014

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For people looking to purchase a home, period properties can carry a lot of appeal. Period properties provide you with a unique place to live, allowing you to stand out from the crowd. For some people though, period properties may seem too old fashioned, and may not seem as attractive as a modern, state of the art house or apartment. However, for those who are fans of history and classic architecture, a period property could be the perfect place to live.

A period property will already have a lot of character to it, and it may be the case that you are happy to leave it as it is. Some period properties may have lost some of their character though, but with a few small changes, you can quickly restore your property to its former glory, regaining the character it once had.

One simple way to regain some character for your home is by updating your flooring – this could be a simple as having it resanded and renovated, or you may want to have completely new hardwood flooring fitted. With so many different types of hardwood flooring available, you can be sure to find something that fits with and accentuates the existing character of your home.

If you don’t want to make any major changes to your home, you can still take steps to highlight some of the key elements of your home. Period properties will often be found with beautiful original features like large, open fireplaces, bay windows, wooden beams and more – these are all elements you should want to draw attention to. If any of these seem slightly worse for wear, get them repaired or restored as soon as possible.

Because a period property will already have character, it is easier to accentuate and add to this, rather than trying to completely change it. When looking at your interior decorations, try to fit these into the theme your home already has, to create a unified look.