28 August 2014

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Making the decision to have hardwood flooring installed in your home involves a financial investment, but will be worth it due to the beauty and feeling of luxury your new flooring will provide, as well as the increased value it will add to your home. It is completely natural for you to want to look after your investment, and ensure that your beautiful new flooring retains its original appeal for years and years. While we have already discussed sanding small areas of your floor to fix any scratches or dents, what about if you want to sand and refinish your entire floor? While it is possible to sand your own floor, there are a number of risks and issues which need to be considered.

Do you have any experience in sanding and refinishing hardwood flooring? Sanding and finishing a wooden floor is a very labour intensive task, and to do a good job, it is much more complex than simply rubbing a bit of sandpaper across your floor. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you run the risk of doing long term damage, which will bring in more costs to have repaired.

To properly sand your floor requires a range of different equipment, including an industrial power sander. Unless you already have all the required equipment, buying or renting this would add further costs to your maintenance efforts.

Health and Safety
What many people don’t take into consideration when thinking about sanding their own floor is the potential health and safety risks involved. As well as the obvious risks involved in using a power sander, without proper respiratory equipment, you can be exposed to large amounts of wood dust which will be released into the air, if you are using poor quality machinery.

So while it is possible to sand your own floor, without the proper experience and equipment, you can end up causing more harm than good. If you think your hardwood flooring needs sanding and refinishing, we can help. At Just Wood, we offer resanding and renovation services, to help breathe new life into your flooring.