17 October 2014

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One key trend we have noticed in recent years is the increasing popularity of various exotic species of hardwood. One of these species which has seen its popularity skyrocket thanks to this trend is jatoba, also known as Brazilian cherry. Jatoba is often referred to as Brazilian cherry due to its rich colour, similar to that of mahogany.

It used to be that these rare, exotic species were difficult to get hold of, and were seen as a luxury, reserved only for those who could afford them. Times have changed, however, and more and more providers can supply these beautiful flooring options at affordable prices, making them more easily accessible.

Jatoba is an incredibly hard species of wood – almost twice as hard as oak – making it a perfect choice for flooring that will be strong enough to last a lifetime. While some types of wood are better saved for rooms with less foot traffic, jatoba is strong enough to withstand frequent traffic, so can be fitted in any room in your home.

As is quite often found with exotic varieties of hardwood, jatoba is relatively dark in colour, ranging from salmon pink to a rich, reddish brown, with the occasional dark brown streak. Over time, these colours will undergo some level of change, becoming a deeper, more vibrant shade of red, further adding to the aesthetic appeal of the flooring.

With its dark, rich, appearance, jatoba has become an incredibly popular choice for studies, dining rooms and bedrooms – Jatoba creates a feeling or warmth and luxury to whatever room it is fitted in.

If you’re looking for jatoba hardwood flooring, get in touch with us today. Not only can we supply this beautiful, exotic hardwood, we can also handle the installation as well.