4 October 2013

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While there is no escaping the fact that wood flooring specialists – like any other business – are geared towards selling their products, it is in everybody’s interests to ensure the customer chooses the most suitable flooring for their home.

Any respectable wood flooring supplier and installer would want to walk away from a sale knowing that the client is going to benefit from having a beautiful new floor fitted in their home, one that will continue to be at its best for many years to come – while still making themselves available to carry out any renovation work required in the future.

Basically, those contemplating such a purchase can expect the company to be in it for the long haul. This is why the experts will always suggest that you take your time to get to know the solid hardwoods and engineered wood flooring options open to you and consider all the factors that will ultimately have an effect on the type of floor you can have. Things to consider are: sub-floor construction and material, underfloor heating (electric and water underfloor heating require different floors!), light source in the rooms, etc.

In the market there are many firms claiming to offer customers the warm, natural hardwood look, but in fact these can turn out to be imitations of the real thing. While it can be difficult for some to tell the difference between this and laminate once it’s been fitted, there is no mistaking the gulf in quality.

It is certainly worthwhile ordering samples of the type of wood that appeals to you before going ahead with the decision. Of course, price will play a part – so will other factors such as the colour and style of the wood. Just consider how the floor would compare or contrast with the existing décor in the room where it is to be installed.

By all means, speak to the professionals themselves, as they will be able to give you an insight into what to expect once the work has been completed. Once you have settled on a particular floor, simply arrange for the skilled floor fitters to do what they do best. You can do this knowing you have made an informed choice and the right one for you, your family and the environment.