27 January 2014

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At Just Wood we supply wood flooring from leading names like Kahrs. This particular manufacturer is renowned for its patented engineered construction, with each piece made up of multiple layers.

In this article we will be looking at reasons why multi-layer construction is said to last longer than solid wood flooring.

A greater degree of stability

This is the case even when ambient humidity and temperatures fluctuate according to the different seasons. The crossed layers counteract the timber’s natural movements and by varying the direction of the fibres across the layers, the flooring will not be as susceptible to humidity levels in the indoor environment and will therefore offer more in terms of durability.

Engineered flooring advantages

Engineered floors from Kahrs are also more environmentally-friendly than solid floors as quick-growing species of wood are used as the base material, with less of the valuable hardwood surface layer required in its construction.

The parquet technology was patented by Kahrs more than 70 years ago now, with this innovation forming part of all the flooring designs produced by this brand. They have managed to apply various characteristics and layer thicknesses to their product ranges with flooring to suit a variety of applications.

Easy to sand

Hardwood is only used to the joint, above the timber, meaning it can be renovated in the same way you would go about sanding a solid floor.

Optimum climate stability

It is widely known that as wood is a natural material, when it is used in the construction of a floor, you can expect it to be affected by climatic changes. However, with these Kahrs products, you will find this is minimised as there is the right balance between the three layers (back, core and top) and so the floor will remain stable whatever the season.