23 September 2011

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If you are about to choose a type of wood flooring for your living room or dining room in your home and want something you can depend upon, then why not go for a hardwood with a long history of usage.

Maple wood is a well-known and dependable option for your floor as it has been used for years in all kinds of manufacturing. There are many different species of this wood and each has its own characteristics, so you can go for the one best suited for your floor requirements.

Hard maple is best known for producing maple syrup, but it is also used for making wood flooring. Its heartwood variety offers you a range of tones from light to dark brown with reddish highlights. , If you prefer a floor which is harder and provides the ultimate in durability you might want to go for the hard maple.

European maple on the other hand is widely used in interior design due to its unique soft figuring and fresh appeal, but is softer than the Canadian hard maple.

So between the European and hard maple, with their different colourings and qualities, you can find something suitable for your home.

There are many things for you to bear in mind when making this decision, but if a light and calm feeling is what you are going for then maple wood would certainly make for a great choice.