20 June 2014

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Adding hardwood flooring to your home can be a worthwhile investment, provided you take the time to properly maintain it. In our last post we looked at a number of simple tips which if followed, can help ensure your hardwood floors retain their original beauty and appeal for years to come.

In this post we will continue this topic, focussing on some more tips for keeping your hardwood floor in the best possible condition.

Watch out for your pets

In our last post we discussed how excessive moisture can cause your flooring to swell and cup. For those of you with pets, ensure any messes are immediately cleaned up and the surface is properly dried, as this can damage the floor’s finish if allowed to dry. Try to also keep any food or water dishes on a mat in case of spillages.

Trim your pets’ nails on a regular basis, to keep them short and not sharp, as dog and cat nails can scratch and dent your hardwood floor.

Make use of rugs

A good quality, attractive rug can really help tie a room together, adding a feeling of warmth. Not only will they provide an aesthetic appeal, but they will also provide extra protection from scratches, marks, and dents for your hardwood floor.

Use floor protectors on furniture

While rugs can help protect your hardwood flooring, it would be impractical and take away from their aesthetic appeal to include too many of them in any one room! Instead, make use of soft, felt floor protectors on any furniture that will come into contact with your floor. Whether this is desk chairs, table legs, sofas, free standing lamps, or anything else. Try to refrain from moving furniture around, but if you do need to move something, try to lift it clear from the ground, rather than pushing or dragging it across the floor.

Look after your high heels!

Keep your high heels in good repair. Heels that have worn down or lost their protective cap can scratch or dent wood, due to their steel support rod becoming exposed. A person wearing stiletto heels, weighing 125 lbs will exert approximately 2000 lbs of pressure per square inch, which can cause damage to your floor. Try to refrain from wearing high heels in rooms with hardwood flooring to reduce the chance of damage.