1 May 2013

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Whilst many homeowners like to buy wood flooring pre-finished and ready to install in their homes, there are occasions in which you might want to update existing wood flooring. You can do this through a process of re-sanding and re-finishing, which may involve applying varnish, paint or stain.Painted wood floors

This isn’t a hugely common look these days, but painted floors can look really good in your home. For the most professional finish, it is recommended to bring in an expert in painting floors. However, if you have the confidence and the DIY skills to tackle the job yourself, you should follow these tips:

• Sand the floor back to the bare boards to get rid of any varnish or lacquer finish
• Wash the floor (not too much water) thoroughly to get rid of any dust, grit or other deposits
• Apply a paint primer, making sure it’s suitable for the type of paint you’re using
• Lightly sand the primer and wipe the floor clean with mineral spirits
• Apply the first coat of paint, using a natural bristle brush (avoid rollers, as these leave a stippled finish)
• Give the paint at least 24 hours to dry
• Apply two more coats, allowing the same drying time in between each.