28 December 2012

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In work environments, décor can have a considerable impact on productivity as well as comfort and aesthetic appeal. Wood flooring, in particular, is able to influence the ambience of a space, so it is important for businesses to choose and use it carefully.

Make a big impression in high impact places

You might think that it is meeting rooms and conference areas where you need to spend the most money on standout flooring, but you should actually be focusing on entrances, reception and waiting areas. These are the places your clients and associates will spend the most time, so make sure that your flooring is exceptional and that you make the very best first impression.

Create a sense of space using flooring

Certain types of flooring have the ability to affect how large or small a space appears. For example, if you want to create a sense of space in a smaller room, choose wood flooring with wide boards or huge planks as small strip flooring can make a small space look fussy and cluttered.

Choose wood flooring that is easy and quick to install

In business environments, it is important to keep disruption to an absolute minimum. This is why it may be a good idea to choose wood flooring that is easy and speedy to install, so that the fitting can be done in as short a time as possible, a prefinished floor is best as soon as it is laid it can be walked on.