14 July 2014

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At Just Wood our beautiful floors come in a number of different woods that all have their own beauty, strengths and characteristics.

Ash is a very strong wood, approximately 10% harder than oak, and has a number of uses, including furniture and sports equipment as well as flooring. Ash is light coloured, ranging from white to medium brown and provides a fresh look.

Native to Britain, the beech tree provides strong wood that’s about the same strength as oak. It’s durable, hardwearing and has a straight grain but sometimes a lightly marked surface that adds character.

Birch flooring is an elegant option for a home. It’s a light coloured wood that finishes with an attractive satin-like sheen. Birch is softer than oak and therefore is good for shock absorption.

Cherry wood flooring provides an attractive and warm feel and is ideal for homes with a traditional look. The wood has a light red colour that can darken over time. It’s 25% softer than oak flooring so has good shock absorption qualities.

Jarrah is a strong wood that makes beautiful and solid flooring. The unusual wood has a deep finish, ranging from a red to purplish colour. This unique look gives an original feel to a room.

The unusual jatoba tree is an exotic species that provides a wood with a rich red/pinkish colour. It’s a very hard wood that makes excellent durable flooring.

There are two types of maple wood, European maple (which is actually sycamore) which is often used in chopping boards as it has no smell or taste, and hard maple which is 30 percent harder than oak. Both provide a light and modern look.

Merbau is one of the hardest types of wood. The red-brown wood sometimes has yellow flecks in it that provides a lustre unique to this type of wooden floor.

One of the most popular types of wood flooring, oak is hard, durable and attractive. White oak is particularly popular because of its long, straight grain and the fact that it can be stained to almost any colour.

Rosewood is a particularly dark wood that has a slightly purplish look. It’s a very popular wood as it is attractive as well as durable and strong. It’s a hardwood so ideal for flooring.

Walnut wood has an attractive chocolate colour. The dark flooring is ideal if you want an antique, rustic look, but is equally beautiful in a crisp white ultra modern interior. Walnut is very strong and durable, making it ideal for wooden flooring.

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