16 December 2014

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The deep chocolate colour of walnut wood makes it a very popular choice for flooring. The dark coloured wood provides an elegant but distinctive look that’s ideal for either a traditional characterful home or ultra-contemporary home.

Walnut Trees
The walnut tree is most famous for its nut; the tasty walnuts are a popular food that’s flavoursome and nutritious. But walnut trees are also famous for their wood which is used in furniture and flooring, as well as other uses, such as for making bowls and cups. The heartwood is the recognisable deep chocolate colour but the sapwood is actually a pale creamy colour.

Walnut Wood Colours
Walnut is one of the darkest woods, especially black walnut which produces a very dark shade. Walnut flooring ranges from light to dark chocolate and it often has a slightly purplish finish. The colour exudes a warmth that looks great in the home and provides a classic look. At Just Wood we have a wide selection of walnut flooring in a range of shades. Our walnut flooring will develop a beautiful lustre over time and finishes with a lovely luxurious appearance.

The Benefits of Walnut Wood Flooring
One of the main and most obvious benefits of walnut hardwood flooring is its lovely colour. It’s unique amongst the different types of wood for having a distinctive deep colour that’s instantly identifiable as walnut. The deep brown colour of walnut wood looks great in period homes as well as modern ones; it can work with most decors. It works best in a large room though as the dark colour can make smaller rooms look cramped. Walnut flooring is best showed off in a large space.

Another benefit of having walnut wood flooring in the home is that it has an attractive grain. It’s most often quite straight but sometimes has whirls and knots which add character. The grain works with the chocolate colour to provide a unique feel that looks great in the home.

Walnut is a hard wood, although it is about 20% softer than oak. Still, it is a very dense and strong wood that’s incredibly durable. This means that it will last a long time and resist the wear and tear of shoes, furniture and anything else that gets thrown at it.

Walnut wood is also very resistant to other things that can cause damage, such as water and insects. This means it can be mopped with a damp brush and easily taken care of. It should also last over time without becoming damaged or staring to wear away.

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