What Are The Benefits Of Different Types Of Wooden Flooring?

8 July 2022
What Are The Benefits Of Different Types Of Wooden Flooring?

Professionally installed wood flooring is durable, practical and can really add character to a property. With a wide range of different types of wood available, it can be difficult to know the right option. One important factor is the colour and style of flooring and ensuring this fits the interior of your home. There are also a number of practical considerations such as durability and maintenance requirements.

Ash and cherry options are ideal for rooms where there will be a lot of footfall as a result of their durability. Beech and oak are also popular as versatile options that fit well with a wide range of interiors. It can be helpful to discuss the available options with a specialist hardwood flooring company such as Just Wood to understand how different types of wood could fit with your home.

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Ash is a popular choice for wooden flooring as a result of its durability. Typically, ash floors will be installed in later shades which can change, gaining a classic character over time. The lighter shade means that it can be a great option to create a spacious and expansive look throughout a home.


There is a wide range of colour options for beech flooring making it a versatile choice. As with other types of wood flooring, beech floors will gain new tones adding character in the years following the installation.


Cherry floors can be a great option for rooms where there is less foot traffic as it is softer than floors using materials such as oak and ash. As a darker floor, cherry floors are a popular option as a classic interior design choice in rooms such as home offices and conservatories.


Engineered oak flooring provides a great choice as a durable and versatile option for busy, family homes. The range of design options means that it fits well with a range of interiors and is often the flooring material of choice as a result of its low maintenance requirements.

Wood Floor Restoration Options

If you already have wood flooring in your home but would like it renovated then this can be a great, sustainable option to retain the character of a property. This can also provide a more cost-effective option. Often the furniture and interior design of a project will fit the wood floor and so it can make sense to retain the current wood floor by opting for refinishing, renovating or floor sanding of a classic wood floor.

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