What Goes Well With Dark Wood Flooring?

17 May 2022
What Goes Well With Dark Wood Flooring?

Dark wood flooring is certainly in trend, with harsh brown shades and materials such as Jarrah and Walnut wood adorning many properties nationwide. Both visually pleasing and versatile, these wooden flooring options are sure to accompany most rooms of the home, with notable examples being the kitchen, dining area and a contemporary sitting room. When deciding the accompanying furnishings and furniture, you will want to consider which options are best paired with your new surface from Just Wood Flooring, and this quick guide will give you the inspiration you need to create the perfect family living space or apartment design.

Continue reading to discover some of the best accompaniments for a room which contains dark oak flooring, and browse our virtual showroom for additional ideas.

Light Walls

Light walls can accompany almost any flooring solution, but the direct contrast between dark flooring and white pastel wallpaper or brickwork will create an inviting combination within your home. By pairing dark flooring with light furniture and furnishings, guests will be able to observe the clear attention-to-detail which has gone into your design choices, with a modern and stylish appearance.

Natural Design

Natural design principles such as wooden furniture, use of plants and greenery around your property as well as the utilisation of natural light during the day will pair well with dark oak flooring. Though you may believe that dark flooring looks gloomy or drains the life from a room, having the benefit of natural lighting will brighten up any area of the home, whereas flowers and ornamental plants will create a natural aesthetic.

Marble Surfaces

Most often marble surfaces can be found in the kitchen area, with marble worktops, tables and islands all great choices. Making the most of this adaptable material in other rooms may involve cabinets with marble surfaces and display units. Dark wood fits in perfectly with marble furniture, contrasting the distinctive material and reinforcing a contemporary dining area or study. If you have Walnut Wood or Jarrah flooring, consider marble for any new appliances.

White Furniture

White sofas, chairs and curtains can look striking and distinctive when paired with the correct design ideas, and the dynamic between darker wood and pale features is a real showstopper. For hosted dinner parties, family housewarmings or any other events of significance, you can expect this combination to impress. Floor installations from us are cheap and reliable.

Replacing, renovating or upgrading wooden flooring is one way to breathe new life into your home, and with a large selection of styles to choose from at Just Wood Flooring, you’ll be spoilt for choice. We have long been a leading floor supplier within the local areas of Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire, with our skilled team maintaining over 30 years experience in the industry. Transform your home with solid wood floor installations today – Simply contact us and receive tailored advice for your property needs.