What Your Wood Flooring Says About You

12 October 2021
What Your Wood Flooring Says About You

A choice of flooring might seem simple, but it can reveal a lot about the type of person you are. Do you think more in darker colours or prefer the lighter finish? Are you a classic oak person or fancy something slightly more exotic? Whatever your preference, at Just Wood we offer a range of different woods types in a variety of shades, so you can pick one that will suit your personality..

We pride ourselves on catering to your specific needs, so read on to find out about some of our options.

Types of Wood

Solid wood flooring can be a beautiful and classy addition to any space, with the added benefit of increasing your property value. We offer a wide range of dark, exotic and luxury wood flooring, with the added benefit of arranging the complete installation. No worries about fitting it yourself or outsourcing to an untrustworthy source, we will handle everything.


Ash is a beautiful material that is also durable enough to stand the test of time. It’s about 10% harder than oak, and we find it most popular in kitchens due to its durability, but is also perfectly suitable for any room. We offer ash in twelve different options.


Beech has a wide range of shades and a very uniform style. Its light natural colour means it works best in small rooms to give the illusion of space. Explore our five types of beech here.

Cherry Wood

Cherry wood can be expected to undergo a considerable change in direct sunlight, leaving your floors with an elegant finish. It should be used in rooms with lighter foot traffic such as a conservatory. We have two options of cherry wood available.


Jarrah is an Australian hardwood and is becoming a popular choice for those who want to stray away from the more commonly found woods. Our jarrah is incredibly durable and has a rich, deep colour.


Jatoba has a luxurious, exotic appearance and is almost twice as strong as oak, making it a great investment. Over time its vibrant reddish browns will deepen.


Maple is a classic and beautiful addition to any home, bringing a light and airy feel to whatever room you choose. We carry ten different varieties, in a range of different colours from creamy neutrals all the way up to reddish browns.


Merbau works best with more traditional styled interiors and is incredibly durable. Not stopping at floors, it can be used for decking staircases and furniture and contains mineral deposits to add to its charm.


We offer 13 different types of walnut and it is a highly durable wood, perfect for a kitchen as it is resistant to potential water damage and mould. It is a dark wood that will give an elegant look to wherever you instal it.

The Hardwood Floor Specialists

Whether you’re looking to revitalise your existing wooden flooring or add a whole new look to your space, call us today on 01243 827888 to find out more about our various styles from our skilled team with decades of experience. We pride ourselves on being one of the South’s leading hardwood floor specialists with over 900 recommendations on Checkatrade.com. So visit our website now to put yourself in the hands of highly experienced staff, offering a stellar service that you know you can trust.