30 November 2018

When it comes to installing hardwood floors in your home, often one of the most difficult decisions to make is the types of wood you should use. The part of your home where the floor will be, the look you want to achieve, and the size of the space itself will all play a part in which type of wood you should choose for hardwood floors. In our latest blog, we’ll run you through the most popular types of wood that you can choose from, and the type of space they will be best suited to.

Although Ash is known to vary in colour from a pale white to a medium brown, it’s often used to achieve a light hardwood floor. Its bold graining adds some more excitement to floors than using white Oak would and it is considered one of the hardest woods that is popularly used for flooring. If you’re looking to create a modern interior then Ash will be the ideal choice for your hardwood floors, adding a cool and contemporary element to the space.

The warm undertones of Beech make it ideal for brightening up and warming a space, no matter how big or small it is. Its subtle grain pattern makes Beech perfect for anyone looking to achieve a flawless finish with their wooden flooring, although you can still use it to add character by selecting Beech planks dappled with brown patches.

If you’re looking to achieve a more rustic aesthetic, then yellow or red Birch will add some real character to the space with its beautiful natural grain and contrasting colours. The pale colouring of a Birch hardwood floor will also help you create the illusion of space – one of the reasons why it’s becoming increasingly popular.

Cherry is a dynamic choice for hardwood flooring, darkening as it ages to a rich deep maroon colour. Its distinctly rich colouring will pair well with light colours for a statement look, and cherry hardwood floors work well in living rooms to make them feel warm and cosy.

For a truly breathtaking floor, Australian Jarrah hardwood flooring cannot be beaten. For those who dare to go bold, the rich and luxurious colouring of Jarrah will be sure to make a style statement. Thanks to the natural variation in the wood grain, no two Jarrah hardwood floors look the same, ensuring that your floor will have a unique look.

Commonly referred to as Brazilian cherry wood, Jatoba is a type of wood you should choose for hardwood floors only if you’ll be using a professional hardwood service as it is a very hard wood, making it difficult to work with. Like Cherry wood, Jatoba has a rich burgundy colour that will create a beautifully elegant hardwood floor. A more exotic choice for flooring, once installed, Jatoba hardwood flooring will last for decades to come thanks to its durability – and age beautifully.

A classic choice for creating light hardwood flooring, Maple creates a visually interesting finish thanks to the variations in the wood grain. Because Maple doesn’t take stain as well as other types of wood, you should only use it if you are looking for a fairly light overall finish.

Merbau is well-known for its durability and you can use it to add warmth to a room without the drama of a Cherry or Jarrah wood. This beautiful wood often gives off a golden lustre effect thanks to the dust in its pores, creating a striking contrast against the dark wood.

Oak has consistently remained a popular choice for hardwood flooring over the years thanks to its high resistance to dents and deep scratches. Although there are dozens of varieties available from across the world, light Oakwood is the most popular because of its pale golden tones and interesting grain pattern.

With colours ranging from golden yellow to rich purple, Rosewood is a versatile choice for hardwood flooring, although it is most often used to add warmth. Getting its name from the light rose aroma the wood emits, its unique grain and rich colouring make it a classic choice for hardwood floors.

Adding a rich tone without the warmth of other dark woods such as Jatoba, Walnut is a beautiful chocolate brown in colour, varying from light brown to the deepest of chocolate shades, and a popular choice for creating a modern and durable hardwood floor.

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