26 August 2016

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When it comes to choosing the right wood flooring for you, you want to know it will look great, last for a long time and work well with your lifestyle. We understand that not everyone needs something that is easy to clean or something for the kids. So which wood flooring IS right for your lifestyle?

Your home is feeling small, cramped and dull. Your kids have covered the floor in dirt, paint and nail varnish. You think you need to redo the whole room, to make your space and yourself feel better. That is where you are wrong. All you need is Maple Wood Flooring. This light and airy wood floor can enhance and revitalise your kitchen, bedroom or living room. Just like Beech flooring, the colours of the wood can create the illusion of more space in any room. This type of wood flooring is easy to maintain, needing only to be swept once weekly. Perfect for families, or those that just do not want to spend all their time cleaning.

Jarrah wood maybe unheard of but its benefits to your home are fantastic. Being 30% harder than beech, the flooring will be durable and not show the wear and tear of everyday life. We recommend this wood flooring for anyone that is after an unusual look with colours ranging from Salmon Pink to Rich Deep Red. The warmth this wood flooring can bring to your house makes it perfect as part of a room that is to be sat, slept or cooked in. If you are bored of the normal wooden flooring, needing a little warmth and sophistication then look no further than Jarrah Flooring. For the lady of leisure, the want to be interior designer or the lazy ones that just want to feel cosy.

You are after a wooden floor to work well in your home. You don’t just want a boring old wood or style. You want something dark, quirky and yet as long lasting as any other. Well, it sounds as if you are in need of Walnut Wood Flooring. This flooring can be laid in many different styles and patterns. It is both water and mould resistant, and the best part about it is it changes colour over time. If you want to spend all your time enjoying the home you have created then you will love this flooring. Not only does it provide a durable surface that can be laid out in a variety of styles and patterns, it builds its own character to fit in with your house. The natural changing of the woods colour overtime means it is unique to your house and its conditions.

For more information on wooden flooring then please feel free to visit Just Wood.