Why Now Is The Right Time to Restore Your Wood Floor

12 October 2021
Why Now Is The Right Time to Restore Your Wood Floor

If you’ve been looking at your hardwood floors recently and think they’ve lost their lustre, it might just be time to consider getting them restored. Our team at Just Wood can offer you just that, working tirelessly to restore your floor to its former glory whether it’s through sanding, renovating or refinishing.

Read on to find out why is the perfect time to get your old floors restored to their original condition.

Winter is Coming

The summer sun has inevitably started to fade and you’re probably going to be spending a lot more time inside, so why spend that time looking at your drab old floor when with a quick and easy restoration you’ll have shiny new hardwood as an early Christmas present. By getting your floors redone before the winter, your house will be more of a welcoming and aesthetically pleasing refuge from the chilly outside. It may even impress the in-laws at Christmas dinner!

Wood can be full of dents, grooves and scratches that are difficult to clean and can form buildups of dust and dirt. So taking the time to get them restored will ensure they’re as clean as possible because nobody wants to be sheltered inside and stuck with dirty floors during winter.

Helping for the Future

Wood is a material that requires special treatment, so leaving it to suffer when it’s in need of a restore will just hurt you in the long run, as it may need replacing a lot sooner than it needs to. Renovating your wooden floors could help in the future if you consider selling, as new looking floors will likely increase the property value. Wood is a much more environmentally friendly option than covering with a carpet, which requires constant cleaning and maintenance to keep its sheen.

Revitalise a Room

If you find yourself staring at a ratty old carpet in your bedroom, consider pulling it up and looking at the wood underneath. You may find with just a little care and restoration, it can be back to its original look in no time, offering your room a complete makeover that completely changes how you see it.

You can even sand down your wooden floors and get a whole new look with a stain, enhancing whatever the original colour is or completely changing it to try something new. Perhaps a darker twist on your kitchen floor or vibrant colour for a contemporary feel?

Just Wood Can Help

We have a team of wood floor renovation specialists standing by to help get that natural beauty back in your wood. So call us today on 01243 827888 to find out more about our restoration services and what we can do for your flooring needs.

We pride ourselves on being one of the South’s leading hardwood floor specialists with our staff winning a wide selection of awards due to their stellar service. So visit our website now to put yourself in the hands of highly experienced staff, offering a highly qualified and outstanding service that you know you can trust with the restoration of your floors.