Why To Choose Dark Oak Flooring In Your Home

17 May 2022
Why To Choose Dark Oak Flooring In Your Home

There’s more than just visual appeal to consider when choosing the ideal flooring for a room, with durability, longevity and overall quality to consider. Though the overall aesthetics of a flooring choice are of obvious importance, a flooring solution which does not require constant renovations and refurbishments will save you money long-term and ensure the surface remains intact. Just Wood Flooring are passionate about providing versatile flooring solutions, with materials as varied as classic oak and exotic Jatoba wood.

Continue reading for additional information on the advantages of a dark wood finish, and browse our extensive selection of wood flooring solutions.

Stylish Design

One of the main attractions of dark oak flooring is the visual appeal, with such material looking brilliant in a variety of stylish homes and rooms. Complimenting an array of furnishings and colour palettes, dark oak is becoming increasingly popular for dining rooms, sitting rooms and hallways, making it a realistic alternative to conventional wood surfaces. Whether aiming for a suitable accompaniment to a home office, or a stunning way to compliment the lighter shades of your walls, there are few better choices.

Conceal Dirt

Whereas some flooring solutions are easily damaged, require constant maintenance or struggle to hide dirty marks and mess, dark oak flooring seamlessly conceals such irritating blemishes. If you’re quickly arranging a get-together and don’t have time to check that the entire house is spotless, dark oak will show few signs of wear and tear, needing less service and care than conventional wood due to the colour and style.

Long Lasting

Highly durable and with improved longevity, our award-winning hardwood flooring is sure to last. View our virtual showroom for a quick overview of the ranges we stock, or visit us in Bognor Regis. Many of our wood flooring solutions are incredibly easy to maintain, meaning you won’t have any trouble keeping your oak floorboards as attractive as it was when you first purchased it. Resistant to water damage, mould and pesky insects, shop with us for permanent home flooring additions.

Resanding And Restoration

If you do require wooden floor maintenance, then we’re just as well equipped to return floors to their natural beauty and quality. The team always put care, time and effort into the work we complete, as a flooring company which puts clients at the heart of everything we do.

Proud to have formed strong relationships with local clients and returning customers, the team at Just Wood Flooring are professional, friendly and efficient. With a commitment to craftsmanship, fine details and quality finishes at all times, we have emerged as the leading flooring company for businesses and homeowners alike. We are constantly looking to increase the number of hardwood solutions we stock, meaning that we have options to suit every taste. Contact us today to find out more about oak floorboards.