26 July 2011

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There are a few vital things to remember when designing your new conservatory. For example:

• It should fit with the design and style of the rest of the property
• It should be a proper size and not so large as to dwarf the house  or eat into valuable garden space
• The flooring you choose  is crucial to the finished look of the conservatory

Looking at this last point in more detail, it is important to balance both style and functionality when picking out flooring for your new conservatory. Engineered wood flooring can look phenomenal in a conservatory, the natural beauty of the wood perfectly suiting the indoor-outdoor feel of the space. But is it the most practical of floor coverings?

Compared to other materials, Engineered hardwood flooring is easy to clean and extremely durable. If you have pets or children you may have to do a little more work to keep it clean, but a quick brush and damp mop every so often is much easier than trying to clean the grouting between floor tiles. Engineered hardwood flooring feels warmer underfoot in the winter, and retains its warmth and lustrous appearance in the summer.

If you are worried that your engineered hardwood flooring may get damaged in a space so close to the outdoors or you simply want a more affordable option, you might want to try laminate wood effect flooring.