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Winter Care for Hardwood Floors

Although winter is not yet upon on us, temperatures are already starting to drop so it’s time to start thinking about preparing your home for winter, including your flooring. Hardwood is known as a low-maintenance flooring option but it does require some extra care in winter as wood expands in response to fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Knowing how to care for your hardwood floors during the colder months of the year is essential for their longevity. Before Winter Sets In You don’t…

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Summer Maintenance Tips For Hardwood Flooring


Incorporating hardwood flooring into your home is a great addition and it can completely transform any area – from hallways to kitchens and even bathrooms. However, it’s important to take the right care and maintenance to ensure your stunning wood floor stays in top condition throughout the seasons, even in summer. Get Into Good Habits From The Start As the old saying goes “prevention is better than the cure” and this is certainly the case with hardwood floors and the warmer…

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How To Improve Traction on Wooden floors


There's no denying that solid wood surfaces are timelessly attractive, durable and easy-to-clean. However, some people are put off by the possible lack of traction and grip especially on stairs and uncarpeted surfaces. The sheer chances of slipping and skidding accidentally when moving up and down solid wood surfaces are twice as high compared to other 'conventional' floors such as carpet, but there are things you can do to ensure you have better tractions and an attractive wooden floor,…

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Preparing Your Hardwood Floor To Be Re-sanded


It's important to re-sand and refinish your hardwood floors from time to time if you want to keep them looking as good as new. This task might seem simple enough, but a lot can go wrong without doing the right prep work. Lack of preparation can leave your hardwood floors with permanently damaged grain or worse - uneven flooring. It's also possible to end up with flammable sanding dust lurking in the corners of your home. Because of these potential issues, it's crucial to be thorough with…

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5 Ways You Could Ruin Your Wooden Floors


Wood is a classic choice for floors - it is timeless and it never fails to enhance a room. This type of flooring is also eco-friendly because it is made of natural materials and it lasts for decades if maintained the right way. But what keeps wooden floors in good shape and what could ruin them? Know how to take care of your floors There are many ways you could be ruining your floors without even knowing it. Simple things you do that you might have thought were harmless could be detrimental to the…

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Restoring your parquet floor


For people who like the appeal of hardwood flooring, but want something a little bit different and truly unique, parquet flooring is a popular choice. Parquet flooring is made by cutting wood into tiles or blocks and then arranging these blocks into various geometric patterns, such as a herringbone or basket weave pattern. You can use just about any type of wood for a parquet floor, which means you can choose something to suit your taste as well as your budget! But like with any type of flooring,…

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Protecting your hardwood flooring this Christmas


Christmas is nearly here, and we couldn’t be more excited! Christmas is a time to relax, eat delicious food, watch our favourite festive films, and spend some much-needed quality time with our friends and families. With adults having time off from work and children having time off from school, your home will no doubt be considerably busier and more crowded than throughout the rest of the year. We’re here to give you some helpful advice on how to protect your hardwood flooring over the…

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How to wax your hardwood floor


While hardwood flooring is beautiful in its own right, some people may choose to add a certain finish to their floor. Hardwood floors are subject to everyday wear and tear from foot traffic, as well as from being exposed to the elements, so adding a finish can provide an added layer of protection, as well as adding to the aesthetic appeal of the wood. There are a range of different types of finish you can add to your floor, and different finishes may be better for different types of wood. Wax is…

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How can I protect my hardwood flooring from pets?


One issue that seems to be raised over and over again when discussing hardwood flooring is that of pets, especially cats and dogs. You will constantly hear people worrying that hardwood flooring wouldn’t be suitable for their home due to them having a pet. Or people may debate whether or not they would be able to get a family pet if they already have wooden floors in their home. Nobody would want to deprive themselves of the joy and companionship provided by having a family pet, but what about…

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How to re-oil your hardwood floor


If you are looking to have hardwood flooring installed in your home, or already have it, you will want to do everything you can to ensure your flooring retains its appeal for as long as possible. Cleaning your hardwood flooring is something you should be doing regularly anyway, but as time goes on, you should also be reapplying a finish to your floor. Hardwax oil is a common finish for hardwood flooring and gives your floor a soft, natural sheen which mellows over time. Flooring that is finished…

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