Jarrah Flooring

These wood flooring types have been discontinued, but we have excellent alternatives to choose from.

Jarrah flooring is an ideal option if your looking for a more unusual type of flooring finish yet still keen to find something durable and hard wearing.

Jarrah is a beautiful, Australian hardwood species, and is becoming an increasingly popular choice for people looking for a hardwood flooring solution for their home, but wanting to steer clear of some of the more commonly found species.

Jarrah is a dark wood, usually varying between salmon pink and a rich, deep red in colour. Jarrah will also undergo a certain amount of colour change over the years as it matures and is exposed to natural light, with the natural colour becoming even deeper and richer, often turning to a dark burgundy-red shade. The grain found in jarrah is moderately coarse with an even texture, but sometimes an interlocked, almost wavy texture will appear. This, combined with its magnificent rich colour, all helps make any room with jarrah flooring instantly seem warm, exotic and appealing. Jarrah is incredibly durable, being around 30% harder than beech. This means it is a great choice for rooms which may undergo heavy foot traffic, as it will not dent or scratch easily.

If you’re considering jarrah hardwood flooring for your home but are worried about installation, don’t worry as here at Just Wood, we offer a professional fitting service, guaranteeing you peace of mind.

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