Cherry Wood Flooring

Cherry flooring has evolved over time, now meaning you can expect a glorious elegant finish and is a popular hardwood choice due to it's beauty and versatility..

Cherry sapwood is a creamy-white in colour, while the heartwood tends to be more of a pinkish to reddish-brown. Cherry wood can be expected to undergo a considerable amount of colour change over time, with pronounced darkening taking place quite quickly when in direct sunlight. The darkening of cherry hardwood, combined with a fine figured, straight grain leaves your flooring with a gorgeous, elegant finish.

As a hardwood flooring option, cherry is slightly softer than other wood species, meaning it is best kept for rooms with lighter foot traffic. With proper care and maintenance however, the durability of your cherry flooring can be increased, ensuring it stands the test of time. Cherry hardwood flooring brings a feeling of warmth to any room and fits well with both traditional and more contemporary interior designs and furnishings. Because of its warmth and versatility, cherry flooring would be a perfect addition to a conservatory or bedroom, somewhere you may want to go and relax after a long day. Due to its rich, red shade, it is often recommended to try and pair the flooring with contrasting colours for other furniture or walls. If you are considering cherry wood for your flooring, don’t forget that at Just Wood we offer a professional installation service, to help make sure your new flooring is fitted perfectly.

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