Jatoba Flooring

These wood flooring types have been discontinued, but we have excellent alternatives to choose from.

Jatoba, sometimes referred to as Brazilian cherry, has been rapidly increasing in popularity as a hardwood flooring option in recent years, partly due to its luxurious, exotic appearance, and also thanks to its incredible durability.

Jatoba is an extremely hard species of wood – almost twice as strong as oak. This means that it is an excellent investment for your flooring, as it will be durable enough to last a lifetime without deteriorating. Because of its great durability, jatoba would be suitable in any room, even ones with high levels of foot traffic, as it will be resistant to scratches, dents, and every day wear and tear. As well as being durable, jatoba is also incredibly popular due to its beautiful appearance. Jatoba tends to range from salmon pink to rich, reddish browns, with the occasional dark brown streak. Over time, these colours will continue to deepen, turning to a beautiful, vibrant red. The texture of jatoba ranges from medium to course, with an interwoven grain, all this further adds to the unique character of the wood.

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