2020 Style Update: Which Wood Types You Should Install in Your Home

4 January 2020
2020 Style Update: Which Wood Types You Should Install in Your Home

As with any décor style, wood flooring is subject to trends and styles that will change from year to year. One thing, however, is certain and that is that the popularity of wood flooring is still on the rise with more and more people choosing it as the preferred floor covering for more rooms in their homes. With no signs of it falling out favour, or interior trend guides, anytime soon, it’s worth brushing up on what some of the biggest trends are for the year ahead.

Trending Shades for 2020
In keeping with the predicted trends in interior design for this year, which suggest a more monochrome palette, but based around natural shades rather than black or white, the big shades in wood flooring to look out for are those that are very dark, or very light.
Rich dark colours such as walnut, or even stained wood flooring, are becoming very popular particularly with families who have no children at home and are looking to create a dramatic effect in their house with clever use of colour. At the opposite end of the scale, lighter shades such as ash wood flooring or oak are also seeing an increase in popularity where they add a fresh and clean look to the home. With the modern home being increasingly short on space it is no surprise that lighter woods, which can help make a space appear bigger, are appealing to more customers.

Textures with natural features and contrasts are also high on the list of popular wood flooring choices. As people become more environmentally conscious, a nod to the natural world around us is making a big appearance in the home. And, in keeping with that, more and more people will be looking for products marked with the FSC logo in order to do their bit for the environment by choosing responsibly and sustainably resourced products.

2020 Style – the Bigger Picture
With soft greens and a trend towards upcycled furniture predicted to be the big style trend for 2020, wood flooring is a much to complete the look. Natural, gentle tones that help to make the home a more relaxing environment to combat the stresses of an increasingly pressurised working life are set to make a big impact this year. Uneven lengths, wider boards and an altogether more rustic look will complement the 2020 trends and offer you a truly stunning, simple and understated look to your home that will bring nature and the environment into your interior.