22 July 2014

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We sell a wide selection of different types of wooden floors at Just Wood, but one of our popular types is ash wood flooring. It’s a hardwood that’s strong and durable and also provides a smooth finish.

Ash Trees
The ash tree is the most common tree in Britain today. It gets its name from the Old English word æsc which means spear. The ash tree is not only tall and straight like a spear but its wood is strong and was used to craft spears and other weapons. The ash is a member of the olive species but, unlike the olive tree, it does not bear fruit. It can be recognised by its silvery bark and its pale colour.

Ash Wood Colours
Ash is a light coloured wood that is ideal for pale coloured flooring. At Just Wood we have a number of ash wood flooring types that range in colour from almost white to light brown. The sapwood of an ash tree is usually white and sometimes pale yellow whereas the heartwood ranges from pale grey through to light to medium brown. Ash flooring can gradually change colour over time, darkening a little, but still remains light in general.

Benefits of Ash Wood Floors
Ash is a very popular wood for flooring for many reasons, one of the main ones being the strength of the wood. It is 10% harder than oak so is very tough and durable. This lends itself to flooring as it should be able to resist wear and tear and last for a long time with little maintenance.

Despite its hardness ash also has great shock resistance, so is ideal for supporting people walking and living on it. This makes it easier on the feet and legs and provides a more comfortable feel.

The colour of ash wood flooring is another of its many benefits. Unlike other types of wood flooring ash provides a very light colour, sometimes almost white. This provides a distinctive look and is ideal if you want to make a small room look larger. It’s also great for modern spaces and houses as the pale colour works well with a contemporary feel.

Ash can take a number of finishes, making it an incredibly versatile wood and allowing people to customise it the way they want to get the look they desire.

Finally, several grades of ash have a special figuring which gives the flooring an original look that’s full of character. It’s an ideal wood for flooring if you want to make your house feel like a home.