1 August 2014

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Here at Just Wood we work hard to provide our customers with high quality and durable wooden floors. We believe that we offer great flooring and a helpful service, and we’re not the only ones who think so! We’ve been presented with several awards for business and customer service.

Business Awards
We’ve won many awards over the years, including several of the Observer Business Awards, such as The Business Marketing and Promotion Award (2006) and the Medium Business of the Year (2009). We’ve also won a number of Arun Business Partnership Awards, including Business of the Year of Up to 10 Employees (2005) and the same in 2009 and 2010. All our awards are very special to us and are a reward for the hard work and dedication that we put into the Just Wood company.

Excellent Customer Service
One of the reasons that we are consistently nominated and win at business awards is because of our excellent customer service. We not only provide a great product in our wood flooring but we provide it with ease and as little hindrance to the customer as possible. Customers are guided through the whole stage, from selecting the wood to fitting and finishing the floor. We’re also on hand if any of our customers have a question about our service or our wood flooring.

High-Quality Wood Flooring
Another reason that we have won a number of business awards is that we offer high quality products. Our wooden flooring is durable, safe and attractive. We also provide a huge range of flooring types to choose from, providing our customers with choice and allowing them to select the best flooring for their homes. At Just Wood we can advise on our flooring too, offering expert advice on what to select. Plus, we fit the flooring and can also sand and refurbish old floors.

Skilled Craftsmen
The company would be nothing without its skilled staff. We have decades of experience in making, laying and refurbishing wooden flooring. We draw on this experience to provide our customers with the best service possible, as well as the best wooden floors for their homes. Our craftsmen are skilled at what they do and are professionals in their field. They can lay new floors perfectly and also ensure they are protected against future wear and tear. We can also sand and update old wood flooring, a difficult technique that requires experience and expertise. But in our hands, old wood floors look like new.