18 November 2013

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The dark nights have already set in and while temperatures have not dropped noticeably just yet, the fact that Bonfire Night is now over with for another year and the Christmas adverts have already begun means there is no escaping the reality that winter will soon be upon us.

So as people gear up for more time spent in their homes and the unavoidable increase in heating bills, it is important to be prepared for the long winter months ahead. When it comes to wood flooring there is plenty you can do to ensure the rooms in your home are as heat efficient as possible.

In this article, we will be suggesting a few ways to achieve this and maintain the aesthetic appeal of flooring as it comes to the fore once again during this season of increased usage.

One of the first tasks is to assess the floor and look for cracks, gaps or splits that may let draughts through. There are various ways to fill in any glaring spaces found, but it is worth speaking to the wood flooring professionals before attempting any DIY on your precious wooden floor.

For floors that are already in good shape, you can give it a decent clean, repair any scratches and consider re-oiling it. Again, follow the guidance that came with your fitted floor or check with the installers before going ahead with any maintenance yourself. You can arrange for these renovations to be carried out by the experts, but it is worth at least making sure you are going about things in the right manner.

Preventative measures such as the use of top quality doormats can also help to keep the floor free from dust and dirt. Rugs are another accessory that can bring warmth to a room as they can work to block out any draughts passing through the floor boards. However, it is advisable to select floor coverings without rubber backing so they don’t stop the floor from being able to breathe. Natural rugs such as those made from cotton or wool are usually the best choice. If you do still have some genuine concerns about the rugs slipping, try using anti-slip strips or patches and follow the advice offered by wood flooring specialists.

Be aware that fluctuating temperatures and moisture levels can have a huge effect on the floor, especially at this time of year, so aim to keep it consistent and keep an eye out for signs of gaping, warping and buckling. This will ensure the floor’s longevity.

Now is the perfect time to get this maintenance work done and consider the points above so you can have total peace of mind that the floor is as prepared as it could eve