8 September 2014

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Wooden flooring looks amazing and we have a wide range of different types here at Just Wood that can work in any home. However, many people are reluctant and nervous about investing in wood flooring because they are afraid that it takes a lot of time and effort to clean. But actually the complete opposite is true. Quality hardwood flooring is actually easier to clean and maintain than carpet. You just need to follow a few simple rules.

Sweeping Wooden Floors
The best and easiest way to give wooden floors a clean is to sweep them. Unlike carpets wooden floors don’t hold dust and hair so it is easy to remove them with just the sweep of a broom. Make sure that you use a soft bristled broom as ones with harder bristles may damage the floor. If there is tougher dirt that won’t come out then give it a light sweep first then work it out with a mop.

Vacuuming Wooden Floors
Although we recommend using a broom, if you don’t have one or don’t want to use one then you can use a vacuum cleaner to clean hardwood floors. It should only take one sweep over the floor to pick up all the dust and hair if it is done regularly. However, there are certain rules to follow when vacuuming your hardwood floor. Firstly, make sure that the vacuum you use has a hard floor setting as this is designed specifically for smooth surfaces as opposed to carpets. Also, do not use a vacuum cleaner that is particularly heavy or that has tough wheels as they may mark the floor.

Mopping Wooden Floors
Mopping wooden floors is what most people are most nervous about, this is because they don’t want to stain or mark the wood with water or cleaning agents. However, as long as you use a safe cleaning agent it should be fine. Look for a cleaning product that is specifically designed for wooden floors as it will be gentle on the wood and won’t leave marks on it. Also, make sure that you follow the instructions properly, it needs to be diluted to the right amount or it may be too strong and damage the wood. Finally, don’t use too much water in the mop, ring it out thoroughly so the mob is just damp then sweep it over the surface. This way you won’t soak the floor and cause damage.