How To Decorate Your Home To Complement Oak Flooring

4 October 2023
How To Decorate Your Home To Complement Oak Flooring

Natural wood has always been a popular choice for domestic interiors, where the beautiful grain pattern of floorboards and furniture help to bring a little bit of the outdoors into your home. Oak flooring in particular is a favoured option for many, due to the hardwearing qualities of the wood combined with its attractive appearance.

The appearance of oak floorboards can vary widely according to the undertones of the wood, the natural grain pattern and the finish that is applied. As such there is never just one way to decorate your home in order to make your flooring look its best, but some key pieces of advice could help to steer your decision making process. Read on for some top tips on designing your interior to complement your oak floors.

Choosing Wooden Furniture

When it comes to choosing your furniture pieces to match your oak flooring, one of the most obvious solutions is also to choose oak tables, chairs and shelving units. This can help to create a cohesive look, but you should attempt to choose pieces that have the same finish as your flooring or a similar grain pattern in order to avoid a clash.

Complementing Undertones

Another aspect of your oak flooring to consider is the undertone of the wood. Not all oak has the same colouring – it may have a warm or cool undertone, where this can have a warm or cool effect. As such, your interior can either draw out or contrast with these undertones to create a cohesive look.

Avoiding Floorboard Damage

You will also want to consider how you can avoid floorboard damage while you’re decorating, and also with the furnishings you choose. Always cover your floors carefully when painting or stripping wallpaper to prevent stains, where you should also select furniture installations that are unlikely to cause permanent scratches on your oak floors.

Softening Hard Edges

When you’re decorating a space that includes wooden flooring, a major task will be to soften the effect of the hardwood. This can be done through the incorporation of various soft furnishings and textures, including rugs, cushions and curtains. These additions can prevent your space from looking harsh and unwelcoming.

Just Wood Flooring: Your Oak Flooring Specialists

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