How To Design Your Living Room Around Wooden Floors

8 November 2023
How To Design Your Living Room Around Wooden Floors

Natural wood is a vital resource that has been improving our interiors for centuries. Wooden flooring, cabinets, artwork and utensils all add to the look and feel of our homes whilst providing us with durable furnishings that will last long into the future.

This is especially true of hardwood floors, where these come in a range of finishes and wood types to help you to find the ideal installation for your interior. You may have already chosen hardwood for practical spaces such as your kitchen or hallway, but wooden flooring can also be a great option for your living area.

If you’re choosing wood for your living room floor, then you will need to pay attention to some key design details to make sure that this material is a perfect fit – read on for some essential advice.

Soft Accessories

When you introduce wooden flooring into a cosy space, it can be difficult to counteract the naturally hard, blunt edged effect produced by this material. In order to ensure that your living room is still a comfortable and relaxing place, you should invest plentifully in soft accessories. These can include rugs, cushions, wall hangings and oversized curtains, where these will provide an essential textural contrast to your floors.


Depending on the type of wood flooring that you invest in, you may find that as a result your room becomes much darker than if you’ve opted for a light carpet. As such, it is important to install artificial light that brightens the room to an appropriate degree. This could include overhead lighting, smaller lamps or directional spotlights.

Colour Palette

Another important aspect of incorporating wood flooring into your living room is to ensure that your colour palette is correctly balanced. Wood tends to have a precise undertone that will either be warm or cool. From here you can also decipher whether this undertone is orange, grey or red in nature. Understanding this will help you to decorate your space with contrasting or complementary colours.


When finalising the decor in your living space, bear in mind that wood floors can require a degree of upkeep to ensure they are looking their best. Sweeping, re-sanding and oiling can only be achieved once furniture has been removed, so try to avoid installing permanent pieces that can’t be relocated easily.

Just Wood: Natural Wood Flooring For Your Living Space

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