3 December 2012

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Most of us are familiar with wood species such as oak, walnut, birch, beech and maple, all of which can be used to make beautiful and very long-lasting hardwood floors. However, there are some more exotic species you may not know about, and these are the ones which could suit your home and décor the best.

One of the most beautiful exotic hardwoods is called Jatoba, a material known for its exceptional hardness and warm, red colour tones.

Jatoba can be found in Central America, as well as the north of South America, South Mexico and the West Indies. However, it is available to buy at reasonable prices from UK wood flooring manufacturers such as Kahrs, for example.

Jatoba wooden floors come in a range of colour variations, which can deepen and flourish over time. For example, a floor which starts off with light pink and greyish tones, with reddish brown or salmon pink heartwood, can deepen in colour over time until it becomes a rich, deep and vibrant red.

This particular species of hardwood flooring is perfect for people who want something exotic, unique and completely different from the usual materials used to clad floors.