Preservation Tips for Taking Care of Your Wood Floors

10 January 2024
Preservation Tips for Taking Care of Your Wood Floors

When properly installed, wood flooring can completely transform the style of your home. To maintain this transformation, it’s important to know how to preserve the quality of your word with careful care.

Carry on reading to learn more about how to look after your hardwood flooring.


To get the most from the appearance of your wood floors, it’s important to know what can damage your floor. For example, one of the most common culprits for scratching wooden flooring is furniture. The legs of heavy items, such as sofas and dining tables, can damage your furniture when moved. This can include light movement, like being nudged, or heavier movements, like being dragged into different positions.

We would recommend covering the base of furniture legs with felt covers, which can soften and prevent any potential damage. Likewise, when relocating your furniture, try to lift them rather than pulling them into new positions. Both combined can help keep your wood floors protected.


When cleaning your floors, it’s helpful to know what equipment you should be using. Using overly wet cleaning tools is bad for wooden flooring, as your floor will absorb moisture and warp. Rather than using a cleaning tool like a steam mop, opt for a microfibre cloth.

Similarly, when removing dirt and crumbs, use a soft bristle brush over a hard one. An abrasive version can scratch your floors, such as outdoor brooms. Make sure to use tools designed for your flooring type. It should be noted, hoovering should be absolutely fine for your floors.

Sanding and Renovating

If your wood floor begins to look worn, you can arrange to have it sanded. By sanding off a layer, your wooden flooring can take on a new lease of life. Wood floor renovation can save you from irreparable damage too.

Flooring sanding is often an inevitable part of having wood floors, as wear and tear happens naturally, even with the best care. If you need your floors sanded, contact a professional for the best care and service.

Getting Advice

If you’re looking to have wood floors installed, always get the advice of a professional fitter before purchasing. They can recommend which type of floor is suitable for your needs, as well as which rooms might not be suitable.

A professional should tell you what to use and what not to on your floor. It’s great if you can get the advice of the company you’d like to buy from and fit your floor, as different types of wood floor require different methods of care.

How We Can Help

At Just Wood Flooring, we provide a variety of wood types to help you find your ideal wooden flooring. As an award-winning company, you can trust us to install and advise on hardwood floors. We can even perform wooden floor renovation on old planks to bring them back to their former glory.

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