6 June 2012

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There’s nothing as beautiful as a new hardwood floor. The surface shines and the elegance and splendour it adds to your home can’t be matched. But over time the surface of the floor covering can begin to deteriorate and you might start to notice the appearance of scratches and scuff marks. It’s true that some marking on the floor can be a good thing – it can add to the character of the floor, however there will a point in the life of the floor that it will need to be recoated with a new finish layer.

If your hardwood floor has a coating of wax, this should be removed completely so the original wood is exposed. Some floor coverings may even need a light sanding to bring back the colour of the wood and remove any imperfections. If the original coating layer is peeling, for example, this will need to be completely removed before any new coats are applied.

Floor sanding machines are available from your local hire shop and can make a great job of uneven floor surfaces, but great care should always be taken when using them as in the wrong hands they can do more damage to the floor than good.

If you are unsure about how to go about sanding or recoating a hardwood floor, it’s best to leave the job to the professionals. They have the knowledge and the tools needed to carry out such a specialist technique – and can also achieve the best level of finish.