Spring Cleaning Tips for Hardwood Flooring

29 March 2020
Spring Cleaning Tips for Hardwood Flooring

Spring is here and that can only mean one thing; time to tackle the big spring clean of your home so that it looks its best for the months ahead. There is something about spring that makes everyone want to declutter and clean their homes from top to bottom in preparation for the warmer months of late spring and summer ahead. One thing that you don’t want to overlook is your hardwood flooring. It will probably have taken quite a beating during the winter, so now is the time to give it a little TLC.

Move the furniture
Now that spring is here, and the weather is nicer it can be a good time to give your ash wood flooring a really good clean and this means moving any furniture and rugs that are in the way. So start by moving as much as you can off the floor so that your job will be a little simpler. Firstly, use a soft-bristled brush to give your flooring a thorough sweeping. Winter shoes with their sturdy tread mean that you will probably have trekked a fair bit of mud and grit into your home. Despite your best efforts at keeping on top of this during the winter months, there is a good chance that it will have entrenched itself everywhere. If there are any stubborn muddy patches on your flooring, then you will probably need to clean them separately.
Use a damp mop (ensure that it is well wrung out as too much water could damage your hardwood flooring) and gently mop the whole floor. Allow it to dry completely before you do anything else. If there are any stubborn marks, you may want to use a damp cloth to give them a more thorough clean. Once this is done clean any debris off your rugs and the feet of your furniture before putting it all back in place.

More than cleaning
If your wood floor is looking a little tired, then it may be worth looking at having it stained or finished to help bring it back to its former glory. Spring really is the best time to do this whilst the weather is neither too hot or too cold. This is a great way to give your wood flooring a lovely fresh look that will keep it looking great for many seasons – and many years to come.