The Advantages of Walnut Flooring

28 May 2020
The Advantages of Walnut Flooring

Originating in Europe and Central Asia, and now extensively grown in California, Walnut wood remains one of the most popular choices for hardwood flooring. The stunning colour of this wood gives walnut flooring the luxurious look that so many homeowners seek. There are several advantages to choosing this type of wood, so do not be put off by its relative softness in comparison to other wood types.

Adds Value
One of the biggest reasons to invest in walnut flooring, or any other type of hardwood flooring, is the value that it adds to a property – both financially and aesthetically. Thanks to its deep and luxurious colour, it elevates the look of any space, making it a far more attractive option to buyers. Even if you are not currently looking to sell or turn a property investment, walnut flooring will serve your home well as it is one of the most timeless styles of hardwood flooring. And it is this timeless aesthetic that makes it such a worthwhile investment because not only will your Walnut flooring add value to your home right now, but it will continue to do so even a decade or so from now.

Comes in a Wide Range of Different Variations
The beauty of wood types like Walnut is that there are so many different variations to choose from to create the perfect floor in your home. For a timeless look, you can choose parquet walnut flooring, which comes in small panels that are then arranged in a geometric, chevron or herringbone pattern on your floor. For a more contemporary look, you can opt for wide planks instead to create a modern aesthetic. Aside from different cuts of wood, you can also choose from different tones as Walnut flooring comes in a range of different rich shades.

Easy to Maintain
Another reason why you should seriously consider investing in Walnut flooring for your home is the fact that it is virtually maintenance-free. Like all hardwood flooring, Walnut floors can easily last for decades with only minimal cleaning and period refinishing. This not only makes them a far more cost effective long term, say compared to carpeting, as it will outlast carpet tenfold!

To help you find the Walnut flooring of your dreams, here at Just Wood, we offer a wide range of different shades of Walnut wood to choose from, all of which will stain and age beautifully. You can browse the full range on our website, or get in touch with us for a quote.