Understanding Wood Flooring Patterns: A Quick Guide

8 November 2023
Understanding Wood Flooring Patterns: A Quick Guide

The materials with which we decorate our homes can transform our interior space. Our floors, walls, cabinets and curtains can all be specially selected to reflect our own unique sense of style. Whether you’re decorating a new build or revamping an old property, being able to choose your own furnishings is a great way to help you to feel more comfortable in your space.

One option for your flooring is traditional hardwood, where you can benefit from this material’s durability and timeless appearance. There are numerous options to choose from when it comes to installing your new flooring – everything from the type of wood to its colour and finish can be specially selected.

You can also opt for the type of flooring pattern that best compliments your space. Read on to find out more about the different designs on offer and their various features.

Wood Strips

The most common type of wood flooring is a standard horizontal installation where your wood panels are made to fit together in straight lines. This design can vary depending on the width of your wood, where it can also be fitted in a randomised pattern or a regular brick-like layout.


This timeless alternative to traditional wood panelling can create an appealing design feature out of your hardwood flooring installation. Herringbone is made up of small wooden pieces that create a V-shape that points in one direction. These then interlock with identical pieces that point in the opposite direction, producing a sleek design.

Basket Weave

A basket weave flooring pattern refers to a number of complex designs that make for an attractive hardwood installation. This design is named after the interlocking pattern of a woven basket, where various small pieces are laid to look like they weave together seamlessly.


Often interchangeable with basket weave designs, chantilly installations are named after the intricate designs of French chantilly lace which dates back to the 17th century. These designs also feature an interlocking pattern, where this type of flooring may appear more uniform and square than typically slanted basket weave designs.

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