13 August 2014

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Hardwood flooring has been a popular choice for people wanting to breathe new life into their home while also adding value for years and years. While different people have different tastes, there are certain trends that we see emerging and increasing in prominence every few years. The following are some of our key hardwood trends to be aware of this year.

Darker hardwood floors

Recently we have seen more and more people choosing darker shades of wood or darker finishes for their hardwood floor. While black flooring is chosen by some people to achieve a contemporary, monochromatic finish, this look is not for everyone. If black flooring is not for you, try looking at deep, dark browns and rich golds, which can give a beautiful, classic look and feel to your home, especially when paired with complimenting rugs, curtains and furniture.

Hardwood flooring in kitchens

Hardwood flooring seems to be catching up with, or even overtaking tile as the go to option for kitchens, as wood flooring can make a kitchen feel more warm and welcoming than tile. If you are considering fitting wooden flooring in your kitchen, try to choose a hardwood with a high level of shock resistance, such as oak or ash, to reduce the chance of it becoming damaged by falling pots or pans, or heavy foot traffic.

Grey staining

Staying on the topic of kitchens, hardwoods finished with a grey stain are a very stylish choice for kitchens at the moment. You will often see hints of grey in the natural colouring of certain hardwoods, but a grey colour can easily be achieved through staining. Combining a grey finish with wider planks can give your kitchen a stylish, contemporary look.

Exotic wood varieties

For people wanting hardwood flooring that stands out and gets noticed, exotic varieties are becoming the direction to go. Beautiful woods such as jarrah, jatoba, or merbau, with their dark, rich colours can create a feeling of exotic sophistication, sure to impress your family and friends.