What to Know About White Oak Flooring Before You Buy

30 November 2023
What to Know About White Oak Flooring Before You Buy

Wood flooring is a very popular choice for many people due to its versatility and attractive appearance. They are also very durable and can last for decades if treated well. There are so many different types and finishes that you can find wood flooring to work in any space. If you are considering investing in hardwood flooring you may have come across white oak. White oak is one of the favourite flooring choices alongside red oak. There are a few key features that make white oak flooring such a great choice.

What is white oak flooring?

White oak is a hardwood that is grown in North America and the trees are found typically on the eastern side of the country all the way from Florida to southern Canada. It is a readily available flooring material and is relatively affordable compared to some other hardwood options such as walnut and cherry. White oak and light oak flooring has increased in popularity massively in the past few years due to its contemporary style. It is mostly popular due to its ability to wear a variety of finishes very well. This is due to its neutral colour – making it able to take on a wide range of stains. Homeowners can customise their look to suit their aesthetic.

Engineered or laminate?

Due to the price tag, some people opt for alternatives that keep the look of light oak flooring while avoiding the higher cost. These include laminate and engineered oak flooring. However, engineered oak flooring is the closest to the real thing. Many people opt for engineered oak flooring because it is a very worthy replacement for hardwood flooring. Engineered oak flooring is a plywood bottom with a hardwood top, can often be refinished and is more affordable than solid hardwood.

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