28 February 2017

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When wanting to re-decorate your home, you may find yourself thinking ‘where do I start?’. There is a lot to think about and a lot of organisation needed to get yourself on the right track. It can be overwhelming, as there are many options and sometimes it’s difficult to know where to look first.


Jarrah Wood Flooring – Kahrs Sydney

Starting off, you may want to look at some magazines or websites to help you choose a style for your home or room. Deciding on a colour for the walls is the first step, as choosing colour will help you to choose at theme. Choosing a theme will then enable you to choose furniture and other items. Also, choosing the flooring is important so you can coordinate with the wall colour.

At Just Wood we have a wide variety of Hardwood flooring which add that extra touch of luxury to your home. You might want to make a list of what furniture and accessories you will want in the room and make sure it all goes well together before you start purchasing, however. It’s never a good idea to buy an expensive piece without checking it matches both the theme you want and the colour scheme you’ve chosen.

After picking a style you will need to measure the room that is being re- decorated to make sure everything will fit. It is common if you are moving in to a new home the previous owner will be able to give you an idea, but if you have been in the space for a longer period, you will need a tape measure and notebook to note down the length and width of the walls and footprint of the radiator and doors. Just Wood can provide you with more information about the measurements of our Hardwood flooring promptly to speed up the process of searching for the correct flooring, which should make the job a little easier.

When starting to decorate, it is a good idea to start by painting the walls first as it can get messy and get on your flooring and other surroundings. It’s often a good idea to get old bed sheets to cover the ground to avoid big spillages.

Once the painting is done, experts recommend installing your flooring. The best option for flooring is hard wood as carpet can be damaged easily. In addition, wood flooring is a long-lasting option which will give your home a fresh, classy look and is versatile enough to go with most design choices – great if you’re looking at changing your décor every few years.

Once you have painted the walls and installed the flooring it is time to move in your desired furniture and accessories. This part can be stressful as you may not have any idea where you want things to be placed so you could draw a floor plan to help organise.

At Just Wood we want to give you a way to breathe new life in to your home and offer you hardwood flooring to suit almost any style of décor. With a huge variety of shades and types of hardwood flooring, we aim to help make re decorating your home easier – at least when it comes to the wood flooring.