Which Rooms Of The Home Are Best For Hardwood Floors?

18 September 2023
Which Rooms Of The Home Are Best For Hardwood Floors?

Hardwood floors are a stylish and elegant choice for any home. But are they suitable for the different demands that you can expect in a home?

Read on to find out which rooms of the house are best for hardwood floors.

Entrance Hall

The entrance hall of your home will see a lot of action, which can be a bit detrimental to hardwood floors. Constant footfall and dragging mud/snow/dirt in from outside can cause damage. This damage can be easily fixed, but if you do want hardwood floors in your entrance hall we recommend removing shoes at the door or having a carpet on top of the floor to protect it from debris.


While hardwood flooring can be a nice choice in a bathroom, it is often recommended not to have hardwood floors in them. This is mainly due to lots of spills occurring, either from the sink, bath or shower. Spills can wear down hardwood floor’s protective finishes, so be careful if you choose to have them in your bathroom.


Hardwood flooring is a great choice for bedrooms, a stylish choice that is very appealing to people for the room they sleep in. It is both durable and easy to clean. The cons of hardwood flooring in the bedroom is that it is colder than carpet, so you might find stepping on it in winter a bit chilly!


As mentioned above, spills can occur and damage hardwood floors. But in a kitchen, you should expect less spills and staining than in a bathroom, so hardwood floors are actually a lovely option for this space. They are a durable choice, so as long as you mop up any spills quickly you should expect your hardwood floor to last a long time.

Living Room

The living room is a very desirable place to have hardwood floors installed. You won’t have to deal with the dangers of spills such as in the bathroom and kitchen and instead can enjoy the elegant beauty of the floor. You can protect your hardwood floor in your living room by using furniture pads and carpets underneath heavy chairs, sofas and other pieces of furniture.

Luxury Wood Flooring Available Now

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