5 December 2011

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If you’ve finally decided to make the change from carpets to wood flooring, you have definitely made the right decision. Deciding to confine carpets to the scrap heap is only the first decision which you need to make though, as there are then other things which require a little careful consideration.

When you’re new to the wonderful world of wood flooring, the first thing which you’re likely to notice is that there’s extensive choice- and this can definitely be a little daunting when it comes to deciding which flooring best suits your needs.

Transforming your floors for the better doesn’t need to feel daunting or difficult though- here are a few tips which can make it much easier…

– Think durability- this is really important, as you won’t want flooring which deteriorates in the blink of an eye.
– Shade- wood flooring comes in both very light and very dark shades, so think about the look that you wish to achieve.
– After care- make sure that you will be able to properly cope with aftercare.

Wood flooring professionals have many more tips for beginners, so together you’ll be able to choose the perfect flooring.