6 July 2012

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There are still many people out there who see hardwood flooring as being very noisy as well as being cold and uninviting. However, this could not be further from the truth as while the old wood floor boards of the past may have created these assumptions, the modern designs are ideal for the home and boast excellent acoustic and heat conserving properties.

The latest wooden flooring, as installed by the wooden flooring specialists in Sussex, is now fitted perfectly in place so that the boards are positioned firmly together, with fewer gaps that used to allow the breeze to pass through. Any drafts originating from the sub floor are now eliminated, while providing the required level of insulation too.

As long as the flooring is installed by the professionals you can expect the noise from the wood panels to be minimal. They always use the right type of underlay, so there is no longer a hollow void left below the new floor and the sub floor.

In fact, contemporary wood flooring is a natural sound insulating choice in any case. Whether using solid wood flooring or an engineered product, you should have no worries about the floor making too much noise, or being too cold for that matter either.