European Maple Salzburg

European Maple Saltzburg is a beautiful wood with natural variations in colour from light to dark, over time this should be expected to change from a cream white to golden cream. A natural light-coloured wood flooring, this is a superb addition to any room in the home. This product does include medium sound and black knots which can vary in both size and number but these are a natural occurrence and really enhance the wood.

Range: Original
Collection: European Naturals
Product Joint: Woodloc5S
Installation: Floating; Glue Down
Grading: City
Thickness: 15
Width: 200
Wear Layer Thickness: 3.5
Product Brinell Value: 3.0
Colour Change: Changes from cream white to golden cream.
Natural/Stained: Natural
Product Floor Heating: False
Warranty: 30


“Naturally occuring wood colour variations allowed, from light to dark. The product includes medium sound and black knots. Knots may vary in size and numbers.”