Foschia is a dramatic flooring bought to you by the Domani collection. This is a stained product that will exhibit noticeable colour change over time. This wooden flooring features knots, cracks and uneven fillings. These are very much a part of the design and a perfectly natural feature of the flooring. Over time you should expect some changes to take place in the appearance of these knots, cracks and fillings – this a normal part of the ageing process for hardwood products.

Range:  Original
Collection:  Domani
Product Joint:  Woodloc
Installation:  Floating;GlueDown
Grading:  Dynamic
Thickness:  15
Width:  190
Wear Layer Thickness:  3.5
Product Brinell Value:  3.7
Colour Change:  Stained product – noticeable color change over time
Natural/Stained:  Stained
Product Floor Heating:  TRUE
Warranty:  30


“Knots, cracks and uneven fillings is part of the design. These may change in apperance over the years.”