Oak Palazzo Fumo

Oak Palazzo Fumo is a dramatic solid wood flooring with a vibrant warm colour. This flooring is laid in a classic Dutch pattern and includes small-sized knots which are only permitted in a limited number. These add real character to your wood flooring. This is a smoked coloured flooring which will experience some notable colour change over time. This is normal and will add even greater appeal to your flooring.

Range: Original
Collection: European Renaissance
Product Joint: Woodloc5S
Installation: Floating; Glue Down
Grading: Country
Thickness: 15
Width: 198
Wear Layer Thickness: 3.5
Product Brinell Value: 3.7
Colour Change: Smoked product – noticeable color change over time.
Natural/Stained: Natural
Product Floor Heating: True
Warranty: 30


“Even colour with minor variations. Sapwood may occur. The smoked design is likely to enhance the naturally occuring wood color variations and create further contrast between light and dark. Small sized knots in limited numbers allowed.”