A thoroughly modern flooring option, Opaque is a stained wood product with an incredibly striking look. Over time there will be some noticeable colour change with this product, this is normal when exposed to natural light. Opaque is an all natural wood colour with variations from light to dark brown. Naturally occurring large sound and black knots are visible in the wood and will vary in both size and number.

Range: Supreme
Collection: Shine
Product Joint: Woodloc5S
Installation: Floating; Glue Down
Grading: City
Thickness: 15
Width: 187
Wear Layer Thickness: 3.5
Product Brinell Value: 3.8
Colour Change: Stained product – noticeable color change over time.
Natural/Stained: Stained
Product Floor Heating: False
Warranty: 30


“All naturally occuring wood colour variations allowed, from light to dark brown. The product includes large sound and black knots. Knots will vary in size and numbers.”