Walnut Rain

From the Lodge collection, which is part of the Linnea range, Walnut Rain is a stunning wood flooring with a rich, dark colouring and some minor variation in its shades. Over time, this flooring will experience some colour changes, shifting towards a warm golden brown shade. This flooring has a couple of natural features in the form of naturally occurring sapwood and some small knots which are only permitted in limited numbers.

Range: Linnea
Collection: Lodge
Product Joint: Woodloc
Installation: Glue Down; Floating
Grading: Country
Thickness: 7
Width: 193
Wear Layer Thickness: 0.6
Product Brinell Value: 5.6
Colour Change: Changes to golden brown.
Natural/Stained: Natural
Product Floor Heating: True
Warranty: 12


“Even colour with minor variations. Sapwood may occur. Small sized knots in limited numbers allowed.”